BrainSolutions has been a leading CRM and Web-based-projects partner for almost 20 years. Having worked with Zoho for an extensive period we decided to become partner in 2017.

We take the most pride in being the partner that listens, understands your business, challenges you and is always striving to implement the best solutions that provide real value as off the early stages of our implementations.

Our professional services range from consulting, development, training and support to dedicated development and system integrations. BrainSolutions daily operation runs fully on Zoho, we support the entire range of Zoho applications and are specialized in the key applications like One, CRM, Analytics, Desk, Mail, Forms and Projects.

We have written and implemented a large number of integrations to legacy systems and other cloud based software that we now leverage off to provide a fully integrated Zoho platform that supports your organization in the most efficient ways possible.

Feel free to contact us with all your Zoho questions!

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